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Rome taxis

Taxis can be a fast and convenient way to get around Rome, but sadly they can also be expensive, unreliable, and not always honest. When another mode of transport is available, it's usually a good idea to take it, but sometimes, especially late at night, a taxi is the best choice.

Licensed Italian taxis are white, with "Taxi" written on the roof. They must have a taximeter indicating the cost of the fare in real time and, where applicable, additional fees for luggage, holiday services, night services, and service outside the city (to and from airports, for instance). To call a taxi you can either go to a taxi stand, indicated by yellow lines and/or an orange sign, or telephone a radio taxi service.

Taxi fares

The fare is shown on the taximeter. The starting fare varies according to time of day. There may be an extra charge for luggage. Fares are higher at night and early in the morning. Taxis normally take a maximum of three passengers and have limited space for luggage. Fares between Rome and the airports are 40 to 45 €, depending on destination, time of day, and traffic conditions. The average journey across the city centre takes no more than fifteen minutes and should cost 10 to 15 €. It is customary to tip the driver about 10%. Make sure you have smaller bills for payment.

Calling for a taxi

The easiest way to get a taxi is at a taxi stand, marked by signs and located throughout the historic center. If there are taxis waiting, go to the one at the front of the line. If there are none, wait in line at the sign. You can also flag down a taxi, but they do not always stop. If you telephone for a taxi they will give you the taxi identifier, composed of a placename and a number which is displayed on the driver door. You will be charged for the trip to your location, so the taxi will arrive with an amount on the meter.

If you have a problem

To file a complaint or make a claim call the police (Carabinieri) at 112 and report the taxi license number and the date and time.

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