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Paris taxis

There are more than 470 taxi stands in Paris, marked by blue signs with the word TAXI written in white. They are generally located on street corners, outside railway stations and official buildings, and at airports. Take the taxi at the head of the line, and be prepared to pay the driver in cash, since credit cards and checks are rarely accepted. Taxis can also be hailed in the streets.

Taxi fares

Fares increase at night and early in the morning. Taxis normally take a maximum of three passengers and have limited space for luggage. Fares between Paris and the airports are 30-50 €, depending on destination, time of day, and traffic conditions. It is customary to tip the driver about 10%.

To tell when a taxi is available, check the lighted sign on the roof. If the sign is on, the taxi is available.

The taxi is occupied if one of the white, orange, or blue fare lights is on, corresponding to rates A, B, or C. The rate schedules correspond to trips in Paris, in the suburbs (les banlieues), and at night (la nuit), as explained below. Each schedule has an initial charge and a per-kilometer charge.

Rate schedule A is charged inside Paris during normal daytime hours, 07h to 19h. Rate B is charged inside Paris at night, from 19h to 07h, and all day Sundays and holidays. Rate C applies at night in the surburbs, and during the day for one-way trips to the departments Haut de Seine, Seine St. Denis, and Val de Marne.

Additional charges are assessed for picking up passengers at airports or train stations, for a fourth person, for luggage, and for domestic animals. Pas de vaches, SVP (no cows, please).

Approximate taxi fares*

Standard hours**
Heavy traffic**
Paris, Place de la Bastille / Paris, Place Charles-de-Gaulle
10-19 €
13-24 €
Paris, Bd de Sébastopol / Roissy CDG Airport
33-42 €
37-48 €
Paris, Rue de Rivoli / Orly Airport
25-34 €
28-39 €
Paris, Gare de Lyon / Esplanade de La Défense
19-28 €
22-33 €

* Estimate depending on traffic conditions. ** Current rates.

Calling for a taxi

If you telephone for a taxi, you will be charged for the trip to your location, so the taxi will arrive with a charge on the meter. Here is an assortment of taxi services.

If you have a problem

To file a complaint or to put in a claim, send the taxi license number, date, and time to:

Préfecture de Police
Service Taxis
36 rue des Morillons
75732 Paris Cedex 15
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