Who is Franco Dragone?


Who is Franco Dragone?

He is “just” the creator and artistic director of Dragone, company which creates events and shows all around the world. Celine Dion and Cirque du Soleil is also part of his work, where he is also known for.

Born in 1952 is an Italian-Belgian theatre director. He is the founder and the artistic director of Dragone, a company that creates shows and events all around the world.

“Adagio”, music video for Lara Fabian’s song was directed by Dragone back in 1999.

Right after this, in 2000 he formed his own company: Dragone, based in Belgium. Céline Dion was his new live show during 2003, called “A New Day”, which opened at Caesars Palace, thus continuing his association with Las Vegas.

For his next debut in 2005, his fourth production on the Las Vegas Strip, he amused us with the opening of “Le Rêve” at the Wynn Las Vegas.

Below you will find a video and some pictures from this amazing experience.








Franco Dragone was in charge of the opening ceremony show for the 2010 South American Games that took place in Medellín, Colombia on March 19, 2010. The main themes of the show were inspired by Medellin’s culture, business and geography.

On March 29, 2012 he was awarded the doctor honoris causa degree for general merits by the University of Antwerp, in recognition of his innovative and cosmopolitan approach of theatre.

Dragone most recently directed a Macau-based show entitled The House of Dancing Water, which bills itself as the world’s largest permanent water-based show.

November 31st is the last show from the Lido de Paris, as they have contracted Franco to re-make their whole show. so we will be able to get blown away from a completely new show starting April 2015.


In 2014, Dragone will open The Han Show, celebrating the essence of the Han culture. The Han Show Theater, designed by Mark Fisher, and inspired by the “Red Lantern” is 60 meters high, 100 meters in diameter and houses more than 2000 seats.



You can see an interesting post from Franco Dragone and his upcoming show with Lido 2015 here.

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New Lido Show 2015


Lido de Paris has been preparing a new show for you, one that will carve new memories in your cortex, and will amaze you on the next Spring 2015.

The Lido has entrusted the design of the new production to the internationally renowned director Franco Dragone, whose work has already captivated more than 85 million people, all around the world.

With productions like: “The House of Dancing Water” in Macao and “A New Day” , Céline Dion’s performances in Las Vegas.

Inspired by the magic of Paris, the new show keeps the core of the Lido revues and adds the daring of new designers—dazzling Bluebell Girls and amazing stage design / artistics. With a series of breathtaking sets, sumptuous costumes and a deluge of strass, feathers and sequins, enchanting colours…

The spectators leave for an awe-inspiring voyage, with a sparkle in their eyes like never before. New Lido Show 2015, can you really wait for it to be finished?

L…. as in Luminous, I… as in Innovative, D… as in Delicious, O… as in Oh what magic !







The new rebellion against the effects of industrialisation, beginning at the end of the 19th century, came all at once! They will welcome new colors, rhythms, architectural genius and non stop imagination. The overwhelming  central stairway becomes real so dancers, dressed in majestic feathered costumes will descend it, leaving the leader a place while theey line up in a single movement on the scene, all this and much more will be present in the New Lido Show 2015.



New Lido Show 2015 will give pride and honor of place to its famous blue colour, on its next show. A mysterious blue, both sparkling and dark, which will give you a clue at its creation without revealing it.
Like a sketch, this blue is an invitation to Parisian “joie de vivre“. And especially, a blue which reminds us that on the most beautiful avenue in the world, night takes pride of place.


“A dream come true” is what many dancers feel like when becoming a dancer at the Lido.

Back in May 2014, the casting started with the first session of auditions.  Discover exclusively the superb slides of Dragone Entertainment Group in the video below.

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Remember the Lido will re-open their doors in April next year for its new show: New Lido Show 2015, so for ticketing and availabilities, please go here, starting April 2015.

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