Music and dance in Metro de Paris?

Why not?  In this video, the people from TRACKTL (by the hand of Jeremy Angelier) wants to show us how effortless it is to make people have a good time on a subway, and this time in Paris… It is nice to see the amount of people who danced, smiled and sang with them in the space of two hours. Good vibes breeds, good vibes and music reunites people from every religion, culture and gender… for a happier morning in Paris, and they sure did it!

Here you will be able to see what we are talking about: Music and dance in Metro de Paris!!! Enjoy, put a smile on your face, and if you want to dance, you can do it now!

For music and dance in Metro de Paris do it whenever you want, and for use the metro of Paris, please go here :-)


Paris Merveilles Lido 2015

Finally, after months of expectation and wait, IT IS HERE!!!


The Lido de Paris surprises us with their new show: “Paris Merveilles”, which means Paris Wonders. We have made a post last year called New Lido Show 2015 and another one from his creator, Mr. Franco Dragone.

The exceptional machinery gives life to breathtaking sets. An entire city is transformed before your eyes, blurring the boundaries of space and time. A fantastical journey in which the emblems of the capital are scattered through the various scenes. The upbeat choreographies led by the famous Bluebell Girls and Lido Boys succeed one another at a frenzied pace. The extravagant hats and magnificent costumes are decorated with beautiful feathers and sparkle with a thousand lights. Dare to take a new look at Art Nouveau, stopover at the foot of our famous Iron Lady, admire the fashion shows, and much more.

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You can see this short reportage from 19-20 tv show from the french channel France 3.

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