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New Lido Show 2015


Lido de Paris has been preparing a new show for you, one that will carve new memories in your cortex, and will amaze you on the next Spring 2015.

The Lido has entrusted the design of the new production to the internationally renowned director Franco Dragone, whose work has already captivated more than 85 million people, all around the world.

With productions like: “The House of Dancing Water” in Macao and “A New Day” , Céline Dion’s performances in Las Vegas.

Inspired by the magic of Paris, the new show keeps the core of the Lido revues and adds the daring of new designers—dazzling Bluebell Girls and amazing stage design / artistics. With a series of breathtaking sets, sumptuous costumes and a deluge of strass, feathers and sequins, enchanting colours…

The spectators leave for an awe-inspiring voyage, with a sparkle in their eyes like never before. New Lido Show 2015, can you really wait for it to be finished?

L…. as in Luminous, I… as in Innovative, D… as in Delicious, O… as in Oh what magic !







The new rebellion against the effects of industrialisation, beginning at the end of the 19th century, came all at once! They will welcome new colors, rhythms, architectural genius and non stop imagination. The overwhelming  central stairway becomes real so dancers, dressed in majestic feathered costumes will descend it, leaving the leader a place while theey line up in a single movement on the scene, all this and much more will be present in the New Lido Show 2015.



New Lido Show 2015 will give pride and honor of place to its famous blue colour, on its next show. A mysterious blue, both sparkling and dark, which will give you a clue at its creation without revealing it.
Like a sketch, this blue is an invitation to Parisian “joie de vivre“. And especially, a blue which reminds us that on the most beautiful avenue in the world, night takes pride of place.


“A dream come true” is what many dancers feel like when becoming a dancer at the Lido.

Back in May 2014, the casting started with the first session of auditions.  Discover exclusively the superb slides of Dragone Entertainment Group in the video below.

For a more extensive history on “Who is Franco Dragone?”, click here.

Remember the Lido will re-open their doors in April next year for its new show: New Lido Show 2015, so for ticketing and availabilities, please go here, starting April 2015.

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Montmartre Funicular

The funicular railway of Montmartre, called the Funiculaire de Montmartre in French, debuted in the summer of 1900. The Montmartre funicular is an automatic funicular railway serving the Montmartre neighborhood of Paris, in the Eighteenth arrondissement. It is operated by the RATP, the Paris transport authority. It was opened on 13 July 1900 and was entirely rebuilt in 1935 and again in 1991.

800px-PARIS_-_Le_funiculaire_du_Sacré-CoeurThis image (or other media file) is in the public domain because its copyright has expired. Year of this postcard, 1904.
This image (or other media file) is in the public domain because its copyright has expired. Year of this postcard, also 1904. 

The Montmartre Funicular carries passengers from the base of the butte (outlier) of Montmartre to the summit, near the base of the Sacré-Cœur basilica, and back down. It provides an alternative to the multiple stairways of more than 300 steps that lead to the top of the Butte Montmartre. At 108 m (354 ft) long, the funicular climbs and drops the 36 m (118 ft) in under a minute and a half. It carries two million passengers a year.


First Renovation, 1931.

The funicular is considered to be part of the Paris Métro network,and so has similar pricing. The two stations each have turnstiles which can read magnetic tickets and Navigo passes. They thus allow access via all RATP payment methods, including the single-journey Ticket “t”, Paris Visite combination transport/museum pass and other RATP weekly and monthly passes.

There is no direct transport interchange, except with the “Montmartrobus” which has a stop in the Rue du Cardinal-Dubois in front of the upper station and offers a free interchange. Nevertheless, two métro stations are within easy walking distance of the lower station: Anvers on Line 2 about 200 m (220 yd) to the south and Abbesses on Line 12 about 350 m (380 yd) to the west.


Second Renovation, 1991.

The funicular is open every day from 6 am until 12.45 am, transporting 6,000 people a day, or around 2 million a year, mostly tourists and pilgrims en route to the Sacré-Cœur, and also Parisians and those who love the ambience of the Place du Tertre

The lower station was built between the Place Saint-Pierre and the Place Suzanne-Valadon, and the upper one on the Rue du Cardinal-Dubois. The funicular runs alongside the Rue Foyatier, a wide 220-step staircase.


For an orientative plan, please look here, and for Metro Pass/Paris Visite look here, includes unlimited use of the Paris public transport and also Montmartre Funicular.

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