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The Inca and the Conquistador

The “conquista” of Peru (1520-1541) is showed through the experience of two men: the Inca Atahualpa and conquistador Francisco Pizarro, this is the result on how we named it: “The Inca and the conquistador” exhibition at the Musee du Quai Branly.

Musée du quai Branly. Affiche de l'exposition : L'INCA ET LE CONQUISTADOR. Du 23 juin au 20 septembre 2015. Mezzanine Est. L'INCA ET LE CONQUISTADOR met en scène la conquête du Pérou à travers l'épopée de ses deux principaux protagonistes, le souverain inca Atahualpa et le conquistador Francisco Pizarro. La rencontre de ces deux personnalités illustre la confrontation de deux mondes radicalement différents qui allaient vivre, en s'affrontant, une profonde révolution politique, économique, culturelle et religieuse. Leur rencontre et leur conflit marqua le destin du plus grand empire jamais connu dans les Amériques, le Tahuantinsuyo inca (v. 1450-1532), et celui de l'empire espagnol, alors en pleine expansion sous le règne de Charles Quint.


An exceptional  selection of rare objects, fine maps and engravings can be found at the Quai Branly museum, which retraces an essential period of the history of South America.

The fates of the the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro and the Inca Atahualpa, symbolizes the meeting of the two worlds who were committed to conquer their own territories at the same time, is the theme of this exhibition.

La Fondation de Lima© Museo Nacional de Arqueología, Antropología e Historia del Perú, Lima

In the 1520’s, Charles I Spanish’s empire and its great hunger for gold and conquests, continues to explore the South American coasts and the Pacific Ocean  that started 10 years earlier. At the same time on the Amerindian coast, the greatest Inca empire ever known – Tawantinsuyu, “the empire of four quarters” – is expanding under the reign of Huayna Capac. The dynastic crisis provoked by Capac’s death brings his son Atahualpa to power. This coincides with the arrival on Peruvian soil of Francisco Pizarro and his conquistadors.

Through Spanish and indigenous stories of the conquest, illustrating the parallel lives and conflicts of these two main characters, the exhibition examines the key events in the history of the South American continent. Presented in the form of a dialogue, the Inca and Hispanic objects, paintings, maps and engravings of the period highlight the clash between two radical different worlds and their  profound political, economic, cultural and religious revolution.

Elle représente un homme nu, les mains posées à plat sur la poitrine. De ses oreilles pend une longue boucle correspondant à une déformation coutumière chez les Incas. Ses cheveux sont enveloppés dans une sorte de turban. Facture: le corps et la tête sont faits d'une feuille d'or repoussée, roulée et soudée au milieu du dos et à la face interne des jambes. les pieds, le pénis, les boucles d'oreilles et le turban sont faits de pièces rapportées et soudées, le turban consiste en un fil d'or aplati qui s'enroule autour du sommet de la tête et qui est soudé. Hauteur: 5.8 cm. Analyse qualitative réalisée par Arsandaux ; approximativement : Au : 70 ; Ag. : 27 ; Cu. : 3 %© musée du quai Branly, photo Thierry Ollivier, Michel Urtado

This exhibition takes us from the year 1520 to the year 1541, year of the assassination of Pizarro in Lima by the friends of his adversary Diego de Almagro, who actually had ordered to get him eliminated.

Fashion Show

You can attend a parade of traditional costumes of Peru, usually worn at carnivals and festivals. The parade is followed by a presentation of three regional dances to the music of Ariel Wizman by Mercedes Suarez, founder of ballet dances Peru Andino. 20h to 20h30
at the Claude Lévi-Strauss Theatre.

3051606796            © Xavier Castillo

29 septembre 2011: musee du quai BRANLY, Paris (75), France.

Dates and times: From 23 June to 20 September 2015

Musée du quai Branly

Gourmet Dinner Don Juan II

unnamedThe cuisine of Guy Krenzer, “Best French Artisan”, is among the crème de la crème of the great French chefs, and this is what we offer with our Gourmet Dinner Don Juan II.

A Best French Artisan winner in the category of pork butcher and caterer (1988) and in cookery (1996), he has worked in a number of prestigious establishments (Four Seasons, Ritz, Fouquet’s, Laperouse).


An obsession with excellence, creative boldness, an artisan spirit: this talented chef works with great passion to “bring colour to tradition”.

He skillfully puts together the set menu of the Gourmet Dinner Don Juan II dinner cruise four times a year in a way that respects the seasonal nature of products.


Don Juan Menu Winter Collection 2014-2015

The cuisine of Guy Krenzer, Best French Artisan, Daring associations, a richness of flavours, a cuisine full of nuances and delicate gustatory delights, an invitation to pleasure which is sure to enhance your cruise and create an exceptional experience.

to awake your tastebuds
Royale of lobster in a sea urchin shell, watercress and shellfish sauce

Scallop roasted in a truffle viennoise, gourmandise of chestnuts and grapes in a white truffle emulsion

Dombes duck
cooked in Maury wine sauce, fine ‘polenta rustica’, pears in wine and sautéed cep mushrooms

Brillat-Savarin with truffle mascarpone

Fig Poached in a lace ‘jewel box’, almond milk ice cream & a coulis of red berries

YDP Signature Chocolates

Tasting menu (excluding drinks): €205 incl. VAT per pers.

created by Olivier Poussier, “Best International Sommelier” 2000

*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for the health, consume in moderation.
Menu subject to supply.


t15 (3)

t15 (2)

t15 (1)


t15 (4)

t15 (5)

You can book Paris Dinner Cruise Don Juan II from our site here!