Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I book in advance?

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, there were 57 million tourist arrivals in Spain in 2010! Booking in advance helps ensure that you'll have the best vacation experience and that you'll avoid the risk of finding your dream activity sold out and unavailable.

Advance vacation planning is part of the fun, as well, and doing it before you leave means you'll spend more time enjoying your vacation, and less time waiting in lines. Plus, you can pay part of your travel costs in advance, rather than all at once.

Finally, you'll benefit from our years of experience in choosing the best travel activities and the most reliable services. We serve thousands of customers every year, providing personalized service to each one. If you have a question or a problem, we're available to help.

Can I save money by booking after I arrive?

The prices that you will find in Europe for identical tours and passes will be the same or higher than our prices, with very few exceptions.

And don't forget the cost of spending your precious vacation time making phone calls, waiting in lines, and picking up tickets. Let us do that work for you!

Finally there's the risk of finding a tour, cabaret, or other activity fully booked. A disappointing vacation is hardly a savings.

Book now, and travel with the confidence that everything will be ready for you when you arrive!

How do I place an order?

Easy ! Just browse the site until you find a pass, tour, or boutique item that you want to order, specify the quantity by clicking plus or minus, or by entering a number, then click book now!. You can even put multiple items from one page on your order at the same time by entering quantities for several items.

Each time you click book now! your order will be displayed. You can continue shopping using the menus at the left or top of the page or the links at the bottom.

Once you have completed your order, go to Your Order by clicking view your order at the top right of any page, then click the button Go To Checkout.

How long will it take to process and ship my order?

The time required to process your order and send you a confirmation by email varies from a few minutes to 24 hours, with an average of only a few hours.

Orders delivered to your home are usually shipped the same day when received before the start of a normal French business day (09h00 Central European Time, Monday through Friday). Orders received after this time are usually shipped the following business day.

Orders for hotel delivery are shipped to arrive just before your check-in date.

If we have problems charging your credit card, or if tour bookings are not available for the dates you requested, we will contact you. This will extend processing time and may delay shipping.

How do I find the passes and tours I want?

There are many ways to browse the site. All of our products are listed on the menu Tour and Pass Finder at the top right of each page. Place the mouse cursor on the menu to open it. Sub-menus are indicated by « and open in the same way: Just move the mouse cursor over the sub-menu title.

The menu at the left of each page groups tours and passes into categories. Click a menu item to review the products in that category. The resulting product list can be adjusted by selecting different values for Sorted by and Display, then clicking Update Page. When you find the product you're looking for, click Learn more!

Additional ways to categorize tours and passes are available with Menu a la Carte. If you're interested in morning tours, for example, click Menu a la Carte at the left or the top of any page, choose Morning from the Show list, then click Update Page. To see only child versions, set Display to Child Versions and click Update Page.

The values you pick for Show, Sorted by, and Display are remembered: If you return to Menu a la Carte or another menu page, they will have the same values as before.

Finally, links at the bottom of each page point to popular passes and tours.

How can I return easily to a page?

While viewing a page that you want to come back to later, click on the words Add to wish list just below the page title. To return later, place the mouse cursor over View wish list at the top of the page. When the Wish List appears, click on the page you want. You can remove a page from your Wish List by clicking remove.

How will my order be delivered?

There are several ways that we can deliver your order, depending on what you order and what delivery method you select.

  • When you order a tour or show there is no delivery fee. After we finish processing your order, we will send you an order confirmation email with a special internet link, just for you, which will take you to our Voucher Desk where you can print your vouchers. Vouchers serve as your admission tickets, so you must take them with you!
  • If you order passes there will be a single delivery fee, regardless of how many you order. We can deliver anywhere in the world:
    • We can deliver directly to your hotel so your order will be waiting when you arrive. We will ask for your hotel address during checkout.
    • We can deliver to your home by express shipping. The delivery time and the cost vary with destination. Select the delivery option for your country. We will ask for your shipping address during checkout. An adult must be available to sign the delivery receipt. We use a private, professional delivery service that allows us to track your order and make sure it gets to you. We do not deliver by regular mail.

What should I do if my order is not at the hotel?

Your email order confirmation will include a toll-free number that you can use to call our customer service desk. Be sure to print your confirmation and take it with you. Assistance is available in English and in French. If there is a problem, please call us within 24 hours. Hotel delivery problems are usually resolved quickly.

Is there a less expensive delivery option?

Delivery to your hotel is the least expensive option.

Whichever delivery method you select, you can be assured that your order will be personally packed by us and delivered by a professional courier service. In addition, we track every order all the way to its destination, so you don't have to. If necessary, we'll even call your hotel (or you!) to make sure everything goes smoothly, or to solve a problem if one occurs.

How do I change the delivery method?

Go to Your Order by clicking view your order at the top right of any page, then click change delivery method next to the delivery method.

Why is there a minimum order fee?

We provide personal and professional service to every one of our customers, giving time and careful attention to each order. To support this level of customer care we must add a small Minimum order fee to orders that total less than 25 euros.

Can I change my order during checkout?

Of course! You may change any part of your order at any time, up to the time you submit it. Just use the menu and page links as usual. To return to the checkout process, go to Your Order by clicking view your order at the top right of any page, then click Go To Checkout.

Most information you entered previously will be remembered, so you won't have to enter it again. We do not retain credit card information for security reasons.

How do I change a tour date?

Go to Your Order by clicking view your order at the top right of any page. Then click change tour date next to the date you want to change.

Why are some dates not available when picking a tour date?

To help you to avoid errors we only allow selection of tour dates on or after your hotel check-in date. In addition, some tours are seasonal, or are only available some days of the week.

What if the tour date I selected is not available?

If we are not able to obtain a reservation for a tour we will contact you by email or by telephone to explain. We will suggest alternatives if possible.

How do I change an order quantity?

Go to Your Order by clicking view your order at the top right of any page, enter a new quantity in the box next to the item you want to change, then click Update Quantities.

How do I delete an item from my order?

Follow the instructions just above, but set the quantity to zero.

Where do I enter my hotel information?

We will ask for your hotel information during checkout.

Where do I enter my shipping address?

We will ask for your shipping address during checkout.

Why do you need my hotel check-in date?

We use your check-in date to guide you in selecting dates for tours, to schedule delivery if needed, and to help us prioritize orders to provide you with the best possible service.

How do I change my check-in date?

Go to Your Order by clicking view your order at the top right of any page, then click change tour date following the line that begins Your check-in date is. If your new check-in date is later than any already-selected tour dates, we will ask you to select new tour dates.

What if I have a question or a problem placing an order?

Send us a message by clicking Contact Us at the top of any page, and then fill in the form. We will normally answer within one day.

Where can I find answers to general questions about visiting Europe?

Click on Practical Information at the top of any page. You will find a wealth of information to help you prepare for your visit and maximize your enjoyment while in Europe.

How and when is my credit card charged?

We ask for your credit card information during checkout. When you submit your order we will attempt to make an authorization (not a charge) on your credit card for the amount of the order. If the attempt fails, we will contact you by email. If it is successful, we will begin processing your order.

Once we know that everything you ordered is available we will charge your credit card in euros and send you an order confirmation by email. The charges on your credit card statement will be identified as

What will the cost be in my local currency?

All of our products are priced in euros. Your credit card is also charged in euros. If your local currency is other than euros, the charges will be converted to your local currency by your credit card company. Currency conversion rates change minute by minute, so the exact rate cannot be predicted. In addition, credit card companies have differing commissions and fees for currency conversions. Contact your credit card company for rate and fee information.

To help you know the approximate prices in a few other currencies, we provide calculated prices on each product page and on Your Order. To see the prices, position your mouse cursor over one of the flags following Prices in other currencies.

The conversion rates we use are updated once per day. These are interbank rates, however, and credit card companies will normally add a commission ranging from one to several percent, and sometimes a flat fee as well. Again, you must contact your credit card company for rate and fee information.

Can I change my order after I receive an order confirmation?

Changes to your order are subject to Terms and Conditions. Each type of product has its own Terms and Conditions. You may view them on the corresponding product page by clicking Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policy in the Detailed Information section.

In addition, all the Terms and Conditions which apply to your order will be collected and displayed during checkout, where you must indicate that you have read and agreed to them.

Finally, your order confirmation email will list the Terms and Conditions that apply to your order. To learn about changing your order, review the Terms and Conditions in one of these places.

Can I cancel my order?

Canceling an order is subject to the same Terms and Conditions described in the Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policy section on each product page. In some cases there is a charge for canceling an order. In other cases, cancellation is not possible, depending on the products you ordered and the number of days before your check-in date. Read the applicable Terms and Conditions for details. (See the question just above for more information.)

Is my private information secure?

When your personal information is transmitted from your browser to our server we use industry-standard SSL encryption to protect you. We use a dedicated secure server to store your order information. We never sell or reveal your private information to third parties except in ways that are essential for processing your order. If you purchase a tour, for example, only your name is transmitted to the tour operator in order to make your reservation.

How do metro and museum passes work?

Metro, museum, and other passes do not have dates nor do they expire. They are valid for one to six consecutive days, depending on the pass you selected. The valid period begins with the first day of use. For example, if you purchase a three-day metro pass and begin using it at 2pm on a Tuesday, it will be valid for the rest of Tuesday and all of Wednesday and Thursday.

For a metro pass, write your name on the card. Write the card serial number on the ticket. When you are ready to use your pass, write the date of first use. You must carry the card and the ticket. Metro employees are entitled to ask for your pass at any time.

For museum passes, print your name and the date of first use on the back of the card.

Do I need to buy passes and tours for my children?

Metro passes are required for children, but are available at reduced prices. Museum passes are not required for children under 18 that are accompanied by an adult who has a pass.

Many of our tour offerings have reduced-price admission for children. To see all of the tours and passes we have for children, go to Menu ą la Carte, on the Display list select Child versions, then click Update Page.