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How was the Eiffel Tower constructed? Part 1

Anything more iconic in Paris than the Mona Lisa? Visited each year by more than 6 million visitors, the Eiffel Tower is the symbol of Paris, its international image and pride for the city, something unthinkable a hundred years ago, when the tower was being built despite strong opposition of Parisian intellectuals and the street.

The legacy of the great engineer Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel left his seal into works such bold from a technical standpoint as aesthetically beautiful. Few know that it was he who made the metal framework of the Statue of Liberty, as the fame of all his works is overshadowed by the tower that bears name built in Paris for the Universal Exhibition of 1889.

01Foundations of the Eiffel Tower

Work on the foundations started on 28 January 1887, the foundations were complete by 30 June and the erection of the ironwork began.

The start of the erection of the metalwork

I hope you like this information, this is just Part 1 of a series of informative posts of how was the Eiffel Tower constructed.

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Random Information

• The height, including the antenna, is 320 m.
• On hot days is 15 cm higher, due to metal expansion.
• There were two and a half million rivets.
• The swing in the wind never exceeds 12cm.
• Reaches the 10,100 tons.
• Forty tons of paint are needed each year to repaint.
• On a clear day you can see from atop the Cathedral of Chartres, more than 70 km. of capital.

Bastille Day in Paris 2014

Latest Bastille Day in Paris 2014 was the scenery for the commemoration of the First World War, which served as a guideline for the evening, and also the theme of the day. The “Champ de Mars” in Paris is kindled for the traditional fireworks on July 14. Special guest this year: the Eiffel Tower.


Here you will be able to see how the preparations where being done for this classic event every July 14th.

The Theme for the pyrotechnic show for Bastille Day in Paris 2014 was “War and Peace” (“Guerre et Paix”).


Here is an amazing “feast for your eyes”. You will be able to experience what thousands of people from around the world were able to enjoy this latest July 14th while their visit in Paris, right after Le Concert de Paris 2014, ENJOY*!!!

*(Try 1080p Full HD for best viewing experience possible)

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